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Joe Bells' Work

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IFDM 491-010 Mech model in MAYA 2012 edition

Joe .com

IFDM 491-006 Term Project in NUKE

Get A Kit, Make A Plan, Be Prepared. emergency.cdc.gov

Apocalyptic Presentation

Download "My 20 page paper on Apocalyptic Media" (File Size: 1.65MB)

A Maya08 Animated Interactive Web Story

"Pirates of Open Water", and "True Meaning of Hell" have sound...turn off webpage music first... controls are left column, on bottom.

Pirates of Open Water meets Davey Jones Locker.

Pirates of Open Water:

Will have an even better version soon!
Here are some pics from the new scenes!
I'm recalibrating the Ocean settings, and environmental fog,
also working on the wake from the ships.

Our Children's Children....

This clip is entitled "Our Childrens, Children". It symbolizes the path that our generation is on, and how it will lead to a toxic planet. Our childrens, children will not be able to enjoy such simple things as a train ride without doing it virtually. These children are not actually on the train, but in a virtual cab inside the protected zone where it is still safe to live.

We must protect the only planet we have to live on....NOW.

This takes a little time to load so kick back for few and then enjoy.

The True Meaning of Hell

Download "True Meaning of Hell" (File Size: 165MB)

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This is me in "The Odds" a new show by the makers of CSI...


My name is Joe "Moonraven" Bell and this is my site. I'm an Inter-disciplinary Film and Digital Media student at the University of New Mexico. I am persuing a Bachlors in Computer Animation with a minor in film. I alone have written this entire website. My dream is to work for the great George Lucas at Lucasfilm Animation in California.

Pixar, or Dreamworks Entertainment will be other options. This will be my portfolio for the next 4 years while I finish my degree. This will also serve as my resume for future employers.

I am a Southern Native, With Cherokee and Choctaw blood lines. I follow my Native American roots in spirituality and in life. I am a father of 4 beautiful children, and husband to the woman of my dreams. I'm a Martial Artist with training in weapons, Kung fu, Goju Ryu and Kenpo karate. I am sole owner of a Home Renovation company I have been running since 1994.

MoonRaven Films!... VIZ08...

I will update this website periodically with new Films and Animations as I create them.

You can see the rest here:



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